The Urban Gypsies Music Group Chicago

The Urban Gypsies Music Group Chicago
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  • Music Magic In Chicago

    The Urban Gypsies now known as UGMG - Chicago is on the edge of stardom. Supported by a crew of stellar musicians, this powerhouse band is quickly climbing the charts. Their rise is a result of their intricate weaving of all styles of music from Funk to Jazz to Hip-Hop to Rock. The UGMG - Chicago is changing the face of modern music! Check them out at:

  • Formerly Know As The Urban Gypsies, The UGMG-Chicago Is Back With A Vengence

    Hey everybody! If you thought we were gone, we’re not! UGMG Chicago, AKA Urban Gypsies Music Group Chicago, is making strong moves into the Chicago music scene, with the creative dynamics displayed by the group both surprising and delighting our growing number of fans. In addition, the performances recently showcased at the popular Chicago venue, @North Bar, have caused fans to excitedly anticipate our next live jam. To that end, UGMG Chicago has been busy in the studio, creating and refining our unique type of music that is both fun and enlightening at the same time. UGMG Chicago appreciates our growing fan base and relishes the opportunities to do more. Look for UGMG Chicago this fall at hot venues around Chicago!

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