The Urban Gypsies Music Group Chicago

The Urban Gypsies Music Group Chicago
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  • Music Magic In Chicago

    The Urban Gypsies now known as UGMG - Chicago is on the edge of stardom. Supported by a crew of stellar musicians, this powerhouse band is quickly climbing the charts. Their rise is a result of their intricate weaving of all styles of music from Funk to Jazz to Hip-Hop to Rock. The UGMG - Chicago is changing the face of modern music! Check them out at:

  • Formerly Know As The Urban Gypsies, The UGMG-Chicago Is Back With A Vengence

    Hey everybody! If you thought we were gone, we’re not! UGMG Chicago, AKA Urban Gypsies Music Group Chicago, is making strong moves into the Chicago music scene, with the creative dynamics displayed by the group both surprising and delighting our growing number of fans. In addition, the performances recently showcased at the popular Chicago venue, @North Bar, have caused fans to excitedly anticipate our next live jam. To that end, UGMG Chicago has been busy in the studio, creating and refining our unique type of music that is both fun and enlightening at the same time. UGMG Chicago appreciates our growing fan base and relishes the opportunities to do more. Look for UGMG Chicago this fall at hot venues around Chicago!

  • The Urban Gypsies Music Group (UGMG) 2015

    If ever a song spoke the truth, this one is it, for the UGMG are unrivaled in creativity. As Sliced Beats’ Cos cranked out the beginning strains of this new track, I knew I was in for something special. Soon, Black Mel, Lyrical One and Smoky started harmonizing, throwing down lines, and I felt blessed to be at @North Bar for the creation of what will surely become one of The Urban Gypsies Chicago’s staples. Also unequaled were JoJo on bass and King Art on electric guitar.

  • UGMG Funky Freestyle

    Kyle Stanton Reporting Published on 7-19-2015 In going over earlier stories I have written on various music groups and my observations on the musical industry, I decided it was time to report again on The Urban Gypsies Music Group. The UGMG, as they are affectionately and enthusiastically known by their devoted and growing fan base, have been honing and growing their special creative spark. UGMG created quite a sensation a little while back with a video that went viral. The video was not meant to be released at that time and was pulled back by UGMG almost immediately. At that time, I posted a copy of the video that went on to garner over 160,000 views. It also caused consternation between myself and the band, as well as within the band itself, but it ultimately worked out to be a genuinely exciting and fun experience. The first in a series of videos to be reviewed by this reporter is Funky Freestyle. Speaking to the urban grind of life, Lyrical One, Black Mel, and Smoky of The Urban Gypsies eloquently took me for such a realistic walk in their worlds that I nearly forgot I was sitting at @North Bar. With every word uttered, I felt as if I, too, was living the life, and I celebrated the good and commiserated the bad along with them. Rounding out Sliced Beats star Cos’ resonating track were Professor GX on sax and JoJo on bass. By the time this whirlwind was over, I was almost ready to hop up and tell my own tale. Almost.

  • Les Gitans Urbains Sont Arrivés /The Urban Gypsies Have Arrived

    Par l’intermédiaire de Kyle Stanton Lorsque ce court-métrage présentant la nouvelle musique de The Urban Music Group Tsiganes est venu à mon attention, j’ai su immédiatement après avoir vu, c’est quelque chose d’exclusivement spéciale. Voulant partager avec autant de gens que possible, j’ai eu la permission, après une longue discussion, le Groupe de Urban Music Tsiganes mettre ceci sur YouTube. Le film est un premier montage, une expérience, un projet, mais tout cela fait partie de son charme. Les gens des maisons de disques tentent constamment d’obtenir un morceau de UGMG. UGMG dit qu’ils n’ont pas besoin d’une maison de disques. Ils veulent juste de participer à la dimension de divertissement musical moderne et d’élever tout à un niveau supérieur. Ceci est votre chance d’apprendre à connaître un groupe à fort potentiel musical phénoménal. Le firmament créatif entourant UGMG est extrêmement inspirant. Il ya quelque chose de puissant et qui se passe ici monde en mutation qui est difficile à décrire mais doit être entendue, connu et apprécié. Profitez de l’expérience!

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