10 Pictures Of A Stolen Phone’s Trip To Mexico

When I lost my phone after a week of having it last year I thought there was no hope. Turns out it is in Mexico and I have ALL their pictures from the past year synced to my computer. Ohhh, joy!

1. A mirror picture with the stolen phone front and center.

2. Glad to see that selfies are cross- culturally universal.

Who knew that bangs were in again?

3. My personal fav, the little devil himself.

4. So glad she got a new bow!

“Looking up in a pic is cute, right?”

5. I am just so tired, let me take a pic of myself.

6. Abuelo on the phone.

7. A picture of their pet!

This is just getting ridiculous.

8. Every family member made it to the Day of the Dead festivities!

9. Heart warming moments were captured.

10. Not sure where those legs are coming from.

Resting b!tch face

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