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How a viral music video series involving cats, men in underwear and a lady in blackface, redefined music releases in the digital age and almost killed Christina Aguilera’s music career in the process.

On December 4, 2009 a mysterious youtube account “iamamiwhoami” posted this video of a vogueing tree.

Video available at:  .

As every month a new teaser appeared, the internet started to speculate on the possible artist behind it all.

Video available at:  .

Among the suspects : Goldfrapp….

….Trent Reznor…

….and Björk.

Ultimately the internet decided that the culprit had to be Christina Aguilera.

Christina was at the time working on a more “artistic” and “left-field” album that was supposed to be called ‘Bionic’.

Her artistic side had CLEARLY been hiding from us somewhere deep down under all those layers of clown make-up.

On march 14th, 2010 iamamiwhoami started to release full-length songs…..

Video available at:  .

….that were available to buy on iTunes the next day.

It was revealed that Jonna Lee, a Swedish artist, together with a group of collaborators, was behind it all.

Jonna has to this day never confirmed or denied her involvement in the project.

On June 8, 2010 Christina Aguilera released her actual ‘Bionic’ album…

….while iamamiwhoami released some more videos, which sometimes featured a man dancing in his underwear.

Video available at:  .

X-Tina’s album didn’t live up to the musical standard set by iamamiwhoami and flopped. It even seemed to have ended her career.

Until she discovered reality TV.

iamamiwhoami kept on releasing videos that turned out to spell the word BOUNTY.

Video available at:  .

The story told in the BOUNTY-series borrows elements from Scandinavian folklore to tell an intricate feminist story that can be seen as an allegory for the dark side of the music business.

After a few months of radio-silence they appeared again and asked Youtube for a volunteer. People on Youtube chose this guy.

iamamiwhoami kidnapped him, put him in a box and burned him alive.

The resulting hour-long “In Concert”, documenting the ritual, was broadcast on iamamiwhoami’s own website for 4 hours.

Video available at:  .

They won a Swedish Grammy, which they had picked up by a random lady with a purse.

Video available at:  .

6 months later they released two more songs loosely connected to the BOUNTY series.

Video available at:  .

They played their first, and up until now, only liveshow at a musicfestival in Sweden.

On February 1st, 2012 they announced their first actual physical album ‘kin’, to be released on the 11th of June.

Video available at:  .

And so the cycle started again.

Video available at:  .

This new storyline is totally different from the first and seems to be more about the battling inner light and dark forces of the main character.

FUN FACT : Christina Aguilera’s ‘Bionic’ album was at one point rumored to be called ‘Light & Darkness’.

This week they released the last video of the series, a very literal and “meta” song/video about the album.

Video available at:  .

The album is supposed to come out next week.

There’s no real confirmation it will actually appear in shops. Amazon only lists an import version on which it keeps changing the date.


The label has assured fans that it is coming.


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