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Five-Week Tips from Caitlyn at Berklee Summer

All the last minute details you need to know about Five-Week 2017.

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1. You will always need your student ID number and your ID.

You should already know your 7 digit student ID number. If you can't find it, you can look at your registration portal. You will receive an ID when you get to Berklee. This is your LIFE CARD. Do not lose it.

2. The Five-Week Office has you covered.

Up to this point, you've probably been dealing mostly with the Summer Programs Office. When you get to Berklee, the Five-Week Office will be available for you to take advantage of. This is where you can go to change your schedule, ask questions about your classes, and get the most current information for upcoming events. They are situated on the first floor of 150 Massachusetts Ave (the right-hand entrance) behind the front desk.

3. Berklee refers to all of its buildings by their street number.

150 and 160 Massachusetts Ave are simply called 150 and 160. 270 Commonwealth Ave is just 270. You will receive a detailed map of the campus on your folder when you arrive at check-in.

4. 130, 136, and 150 are actually the same building.

This may seem very strange at first, and in fact, it never stops being strange. This entire block of buildings are all connected, meaning you can walk through the length of the block inside the building. If you want to go to a class at 130 Massachusetts Ave, you need to walk into150, through 136, and then into 130. There are no outside entrances into the classrooms of 130 and 136. To make matters worse, the floor numbers of these buildings are all different. Just know that if your room starts with a number, it is above ground. If it starts with an A or B, it is in the basement. It's highly recommended to try and find your classes before they start.

5. Berklee has free wifi and computers for you to use.

Berklee has free public wifi available for use. Unfortunately, during Five-Week this is sometimes very slow. If you need to use a computer, the Berklee Learning Center is available in 150 for your use. These computers all come equipped with MIDI keyboards and most DAW's, including Garage Band, Logic, Ableton, ProTools, and Digital Performer, so you can use this as a place to create your music.

6. You can sign up for a tutor!

Everyone wants that college credit and we really want to help you! Tutors are available for Five-Week students for any of their classes. Simply go to the front desk of the library and ask to receive a tutor.

7. Yes, you can use the same song for all your auditions.

Dave Green

Whether it's your placement audition, a special ensemble, or the scholarship audition for undergrad you can use the same audition song over and over if you want. No one will know but you!

8. Your parents can add money to your Berklee ID.

If you're under 18 and don't have a bank account, it can be difficult getting money from your parents if you need it. Luckily, your parents can add money to your Berklee ID card at if you need money for laundry, local restaurants, and supplies at the Berklee Bookstore.

9. You can get to Berklee from the airport with $7.

The Logan Back Bay Express Shuttle picks up from all terminals of the airport and will drop off at Copley and Hynes Convention Center. The Hynes stop is a very short walk to campus and a great solution if you don't want to pay for a cab ride. Unfortunately, you can only pay by card for this. Before using this service, you will want to make sure you know how to walk to your check-in location from Hynes. This service will be very convenient for international students whose check-in point is just across the street.

10. We have curfew. :(

Yes, yes, there is a curfew for all minors. Everyone under 18 must be in their dorm room by 11:30 each night. You MUST get parent consent if you are planning to arrive late to curfew on any given night. Contact the Housing Office for assistance with this waiver.

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