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    Posted on Sep 6, 2016

    19 Times Anastacia's Glasses Were Truly Iconic

    Queen of the prescription sunglasses.

    1. When they came in handy at the pool.

    Epic Records /

    Aren't there rules for this kind of inappropriate poolside splashing?

    2. When she wore these beautiful sunset specs.

    Paul Gilham / Getty Images


    3. When they made the rounds again.

    Anthony Harvey / Newsmakers


    4. And again.

    Getty Images

    OK so we've established that this pair were old faithfuls.

    5. When she caught a glimpse of her fabulous specs in a mirror.

    Epic Records /

    And she knew how bloody great they looked.

    6. When she wore this striking pair.

    Epic Records /

    And we were hooked.

    7. When she seriously branched out in terms of shape and size.

    Nicolas Asfouri / AFP / Getty Images

    And we thanked her for it.

    8. When she wore these and they matched so damn well with her stetson.

    Epic Records /


    9. And when she sported this futuristic pair.

    Ralph Orlowski / Getty Images

    And we were totally on board.

    10. When she ate questionable cereal in these sexy shades.

    Epic Records /

    Breakfast time never looked so chic.

    11. When she went for a hazy rose shade.

    Getty Images

    And we all immediately wanted a pair.

    12. When she decided to have a break from coloured lenses.

    Epic Records /

    And we couldn't help but feel like it was over.

    13. But they weren't gone for long!

    Vince Bucci / Getty Images


    14. When this pair reminded us of the beach.

    15. When they featured some fancy jewelled detailing.

    Sean Gallup / Getty Images

    And she knew how damn expensive they looked.

    16. Even in prison her specs looked FIERCE.

    Epic Records /

    Clearly there were absolutely no restrictions on fancy eyewear.

    17. When she wore this luscious blue pair.

    Epic Records /

    And it reminded us of bright summer skies.

    18. When these were almost too small.

    Getty Images

    When has that ever been important?!

    19. AND she still rocks her fabulous glasses!

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    LONG LIVE QUEEN ANASTACIA and her iconic glasses ofc.

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