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    19 Times Anastacia's Glasses Were Truly Iconic

    Queen of the prescription sunglasses.

    1. When they came in handy at the pool.

    2. When she wore these beautiful sunset specs.

    3. When they made the rounds again.

    4. And again.

    5. When she caught a glimpse of her fabulous specs in a mirror.

    6. When she wore this striking pair.

    7. When she seriously branched out in terms of shape and size.

    8. When she wore these and they matched so damn well with her stetson.

    9. And when she sported this futuristic pair.

    10. When she ate questionable cereal in these sexy shades.

    11. When she went for a hazy rose shade.

    12. When she decided to have a break from coloured lenses.

    13. But they weren't gone for long!

    14. When this pair reminded us of the beach.

    15. When they featured some fancy jewelled detailing.

    16. Even in prison her specs looked FIERCE.

    17. When she wore this luscious blue pair.

    18. When these were almost too small.

    19. AND she still rocks her fabulous glasses!