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    This Artist Brings Everyday Objects To Life And It's Amazing

    If the work of Sean Charmatz doesn't put a smile on your face nothing will!

    Sean Charmatz is an illustrator from Los Angeles, California who takes mundane footage of everyday objects, and turns them into hilariously cute living characters.

    Would you just look at these leafy lovers. <3

    Sean said: "It usually takes me one to two hours to make a three second clip video. I go frame by frame and don't use any motion tracking software."

    "Around 70% of my ideas are preconceived. I have an idea, go out and shoot the footage, and then I animate it."

    Sean Charmatz / Via

    Sometimes whilst shooting footage, he will get inspiration for more characters and scenes

    Check out this little guy doing his best to get those floors shining.

    Sean said that he uses his iPhone to capture the footage and then animates on top of it. He also compiles the footage into longer videos for his YouTube channel, calling them "The Secret World Of Stuff".

    "My inspiration comes from seeing what others in this genre do. I'm not the first to create things like this, but I just try to put my own personal spin on it and try things out that maybe no one has done before."

    Sean also animates photos of ordinary things.

    Sean Charmatz / Via Instagram: @sean_charmatz

    And they're nothing short of heart-warming.

    Sean Charmatz / Via Instagram: @sean_charmatz

    He even makes trash look damn cute.

    Sean Charmatz / Via Instagram: @sean_charmatz

    Sean says he'd love to make a full length show about his creations "I want to follow around a charismatic 'secret world of stuff' expert who introduces us to a multitude of characters who secretly live in our world.”

    Like this little rolling tub.

    And this cheeky little chair.

    "What I love the most about making these videos is the magic I feel when I see them coming to life. I've always loved putting eyes on things."

    "There’s something magical about making something we know is not real, feel alive. The contrast of that makes these feel so special to me and the viewer. I love that people feel an emotion from the clip or relate to the love between a leaf that has fallen to be next to another leaf.” Sean said.

    Keep doing what you're doing Sean!

    You can see more of Sean's work on Tumblr and on his Instagram.

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