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    19 Painful Tweets About Being In A Freshers' Group Chat

    "The group chat for my uni halls is honestly putting me off going."

    1. When someone reveals this instantly off-putting truth.

    Ice breaker in my uni flat group chat and ....

    Abort, abort!

    2. When the notifications are literally never ending.

    Can freshers group chats pause while I shower

    There is no pause button here, friend.

    3. So you have no other choice but to do this.

    I've had to mute the uni halls group chat before I drop out

    Good decision.

    4. When you have to do what's right because justice must prevail.

    someone in our freshers group chat just said they hated bake off bye i don't wanna go to uni now

    Unpack your bags and stay at home.

    5. When you get wrongly ignored for asking very important questions.

    It's 3 and a half weeks until I move into uni and I'm already being ignored on the group chat. I asked if they reckon we can put posters up


    6. When you have an honest outlook on the future.

    canny wait until freshers is over and evdy hates each other so i can stop trying to keep up with all these group chats

    Start the countdown!

    7. When you're not a fan of beef.

    Twitter: @kirstynsampson / BuzzFeed / Via ThinkStock

    Strictly vegetarian.

    8. When you have to hear about everyone's drinking habits.

    People in this uni group chat are slyly competing with each other over the amount of alcohol they drink and are making me cringeeeeee

    Does amount of tea count?

    9. When the fuck boys invade.

    Getting some serious fuck boy vibes in the group chat for my uni course no thank u

    No thank you indeed.

    10. When you get a depressing sign of things to come.

    in a group chat with all the people living at my uni halls and they're playing never have I ever, I'm not going to uni anymore.

    It will most likely only continue in person.

    11. When you accept that no talking is probably for the best.

    None of us talk to each other in our uni halls group chat...

    Count yourselves lucky.

    12. When you are totally honest with yourself.

    The group chat for my uni halls is honestly putting me off going

    It's time to make some tough decisions.

    13. When you endure pure notification torture.

    Found wifi in a bar and suddenly for 1000 messages from freshers group chats ๐Ÿ˜‚

    *Throws phone into river*

    14. This very clear wrong move.

    Twitter: @sophieontoast / BuzzFeed / Via Getty Images / Theo Wargo

    But you should never withhold your James Corden GIF's OK?

    15. When you already know it's time to back out.

    After being added to a uni halls group chat called "gang bang" im rly having second thoughts ๐Ÿ˜• pellets

    No thank you very much.

    16. When your group chat gets a little bit heated.

    Idk what folk do in other freshers group chats but at @univofstandrews there's currently a heated game of chess underway

    For reasons beyond your control.

    17. When you gain an unfortunate and unwanted nickname.

    some bitch in the uni halls group chat named me Judas :) haven't even said a word :)


    18. When you can just imagine the amount of mixtapes you'll probably have to endure.

    The people in my uni halls are arguing over who has a more fire mixtape in the group chat I stg

    Why is everyone a DJ?!

    19. But look, it's not all bad!

    Twitter: @emmabr0therton / BuzzFeed / Via ThinkStock


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