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    21 Pens You Need If You Just Fucking Love Stationery

    The pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

    1. This showy peacock pen.

    This gorgeous pen is guaranteed to attract a mate. Maybe.

    2. This amazingly durable pen.

    Not only does this pen look cool, it's incredibly durable. It can write underwater, upside down, and even in extreme temperatures. Perfect for when the office air con's knackered.

    3. These puurrfectly cute cat pens.

    Because cats and pens are basically the perfect combo.

    4. This effortlessly cool bullet pen. / Via

    That's pure class right there, guys. This nimble pen makes a statement before you even write a word!

    5. This royally regal pen.

    Because you are damn royalty and deserve this pen!

    6. This wordy and very snazzy pen.

    Kindly reminding us to ask life's biggest questions.

    7. These wonderfully bright fine-point pens.

    Spice up your notes with these bad boys! Professional and the vivid-coloured inks make these pens SO satisfying to use.

    8. This sleek and eye-catching pen.

    This interesting pen will not only make a statement but will also help to make your handwriting look sleek and smooth. Nice.

    9. These Totoro pens that every Studio Ghibli fan needs.

    So bloody CUTE!

    10. These ultra handy chrome keychain pens.

    Surely the handiest/coolest pen ever?

    11. These swish and very colourful pens.

    These gorgeous everyday pens and their exciting colour scheme are sure to keep you feeling inspired all day.

    12. This very elegant ballpoint.

    Made to last and will have you writing in style.

    13. These not-so-prickly cactus pens.

    Finally! A cactus I can hold without being grievously injured!

    14. This bright and bold beauty of a pen.

    Aside from bringing obvious sunshine to your day this pen is simple to use and writes like a fountain pen to make your handwriting extra fancy.

    15. These cute and classy pens.

    These classic ballpoints will make your desk look great with their aesthetically pleasing colours.

    16. This tough guy.

    Adam Luszniak & Choosing Keeping

    This bulky pen is perfect for use in hazardous environments. It's virtually indestructible and comes with a great case.

    17. These wonderfully wooden ballpoints.

    These pens with their attractive colour scheme are lightweight and completely unique.

    18. These oh-so chic fountain pens.

    Chunky yet funky, these fountain pens write like a complete dream come true.

    19. These awesome grass blade pens.

    Plant or pens? WHO KNOWS.

    20. These luxurious gold pens.

    Choosing Keeping & Adam Luszniak

    Literally everyone would want to borrow one of these.

    21. This striking rainbow beauty.

    With this pen's pressurised ink cartridge it can be used almost anywhere + pretty colours, duh!

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