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    Updated on Sep 2, 2020. Posted on Oct 5, 2016

    17 Cats Living Their Dream Lives In Boxes

    What do they reallllly think they're doing in those boxes?

    1. This cat is addressing her adoring subjects and using large hand gestures to demonstrate the importance of her ruling.

    Flickr: jacme31 / All Creative Commons

    2. This cat is sailing the seven seas as captain of the ss Great Kitten.

    3. This cat has made a lone voyage into space and is floating in the abyss between the Earth and Sun.

    Will he make it back to the space station?!

    4. This cat is a highly respected door man who will be needing to know the password before you even think about entering.

    5. This cat is a well respected king who is pondering which loyal subject is a traitor, from the battlement of his enormous castle.

    6. This cat is posing for a tasteful author's photograph. It will accompany her latest series of bestselling, raunchy novels.

    7. This cat is modelling the latest fall fashions from Paris in a expensive advertising campaign.

    Twitter: @_CatsInBoxes_

    She'll be a star.

    8. This cat is scientist operating the controls of an interdimensional time machine.

    Creating a time loop so it's dinner time every hour, in every dimension.

    9. This cat is in her office taking a well-deserved break from running a multi-million global banking cooperation.

    10. These cats are enjoying a matinee performance of Cats the musical, and cannot believe the audacity of this rude individual walking out halfway through.

    11. This cat is a failed secret agent who has sadly fallen into the trap of evil mastermind.

    He was the best agent they had.

    12. This cat is enjoying his humble job of serving behind the counter at the local fish and chip shop.

    The employment benefits make it all worthwhile.

    13. This cat is cruising around in his new sports car, with the roof down, and music playing too loudly.

    14. This cat is an adventurer, lost at sea. He only has his single paw to use as a paddle to wade through the treacherous waters.

    15. This cat has been wrongly imprisoned for stealing milk and is slowly but surely, planning a faultless escape from the hellish reality of prison life.

    16. This cat is aquatic explorer about to head to the deepest depths of the ocean in her submarine. Mission objective- acquire as many fish to eat as physically possible.

    17. This cat is a TV star, bringing you light chat and wholesome daytime entertainment.

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