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Can You Guess The Correct Name For These Body Parts?

FYI pass this quiz and you'll automatically become an actual qualified doctor.

Ben White/ BuzzFeed
  1. Correct! 

    The deltoid is a term used for the main muscle in the shoulder. It is a large rounded, triangular muscle that is used to move the arm around.

  2. Correct! 

    The axilla refers to the armpit. It is directly under the joint where the arm connects to the shoulder. This is where some of our sweat glands reside. We all know what happens there!

  3. Correct! 

    Gingiva is the medical term for the gums. They consist of tissue and are found on top of the jaw bones. Remember to look after your gums guys!

  4. Correct! 

    The zygomatic arch is a medical term for the cheekbone area. It is the bony arch at the outer border of the eye socket.

  5. Correct! 

    Nares is the medical term for the nostrils, the openings of the nasal cavity. Hey you, get your finger out of your nares!

  6. Correct! 

    Auricle is a term for the outer visible portion of the ear. The auricle is also sometimes referred to as pinna. BRB just off to get my auricle pierced.

  7. Correct! 

    The navel is called the umbilicus. It is right where your belly button is and also apparently a favourable place for fluff to collect.

  8. Correct! 

    The term gluteus refers to all of the three large muscles that make up each buttock. Shake ya glutei!

  9. Correct! 

    The prefix blepharo- refers to anything to do with the eyelid.

  10. Correct! 

    Myocardium is a term that refers to the muscular tissue of the heart.

  11. Correct! 

    The patella is the medical term for the kneecap. It is a large bone that covers the front surface of the knee.

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