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    Posted on Oct 27, 2016

    23 Unique Notebooks To Help You Get Your Shit Together

    Stationery lovers, prepare to feel things.

    1. Ooze style with this pink marble beauty.

    Not real marble btw.

    2. And if pink's not really your colour, how about this gorgeous sketchbook.

    Truly marbleous (sorry).

    3. Get a little spiritual with this beautiful celestial notebook.

    4. Feel both slick and organised with this gorgeous notebook.

    Jacqueline Maldonado / Via

    5. Bring a little greenery to your desk with this gorgeous dark palm sketchbook.

    Bonus, no watering needed.

    6. Keep your notes stored inside this incredible other-worldly design, by Jose Ochoa.

    Jose Ochoa / Via

    7. Let everyone know just how damn busy and important you are with this excellent notebook.

    8. Low-key wish you were on another planet whilst at the office with this amazing illustrated design.

    James White / Via

    9. Let this notebook do the talking for you this Monday.

    Gemma Correll / Via

    Also good for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

    10. Unleash some animal behaviour with this awesome design.

    Lucie Sheridan / Via

    11. Always have a nifty reminder to keep things positive with this friendly notebook.

    Positive notebook, positive mind.

    12. Get organised and feel relaxed just like the little chap on this cute book.

    Vincent Béchet / Via

    13. Show your star sign pride with one of these unique, laser-cut notebooks.

    14. Keep your affairs well and truly in order with this classic journal.

    15. Stay organised using this beautiful botanic work of art.

    Liz Plummer / Via

    16. Start collecting your very own "X Files" with this awesome design.

    Bruno Diniz / Via

    17. Jot down all of your thoughts in this effortlessly stylish notebook.

    Melanie Biehle / Via

    18. Stay calm during rapid note-taking with this calming artistic piece.

    Andrada Art / Via

    19. Collect your thoughts in this effortlessly cool oil slicked notebook.

    20. Even if your notes are dull, at least the outside of this notebook won't be.

    21. Encourage some fluid thinking with this gorgeous abstract design.

    Lisa Guen / Via

    22. Be reminded to stay motivated with this wonderful little book.

    23. But most importantly, just let this notebook remind you of how incredible cats are.

    Animal Crew / Via

    And cowboy cats are even better.

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