21 Cute AF Embroidered Patches You'll Need In Your Life

    You should probably just cover absolutely everything you own with these.

    1. This patch that says it perfectly so you don't have to.

    2. This absolutely adorable kitty patch.

    3. This bold and hugely relatable patch.

    4. This incredible patch that will make you want to phone home.

    5. This botanical beauty of a patch.

    6. This patch that would serve as a positive reminder.

    7. This incredible cool beans patch.

    8. This patch that shows your support for good things.

    9. This cool patch for all the lovers of space out there.

    10. This patch that is literally all of us on Mondays.

    11. This patch that will makes you want to take a detour.

    12. This patch that serves as a comforting reminder during all of life's many embarrassing situations.

    13. This pair of patches for those of us who didn't get our Hogwarts letter.

    14. This smile inducing patch that you can't help but love.

    15. This amazing patch that will help you to show your support.

    16. This patch for the true lovers of cold morning after pizza.

    17. This cute AF bee nice patch.

    18. This glorious cat patch that will make you say "me".

    19. These fun patches that will bring your items to life.

    20. This cute bug-friendly patch.

    21. And finally, this colourful beauty of a patch.