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How To Turn A Baseball Bat Into A Modern Pendant Lamp

Brighten up your home base.

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Pendant Light Cord with Porcelain Socket

Available at The Color Cord Company

The Color Cord Company is my favorite place for getting light fixtures. They have an awesome selection of colors and features.

Wine Cork


I had some left over silk cord from a past project that just happened to match the turquoise electrical set I purchased from The Color Cord Company.

Paint Stripping Wheel

Available online at

A paint-stripping wheel attaches to a drill and makes removing the paint from the bats really easy.

Wire Brush Attachment for Drill

Available online at

Wire brush wheels will also work to remove paint on the bats. The cone shaped ones are good for reaching the inner surface of the bat.

Drum Sander

Available online at

I used a drum sander for shaping and smoothing the cut edges of the bat.


1. Cut the Bat / Via

A reciprocating saw with a metal cutting blade goes right through the bats like butter and is great if you want a nice, clean, straight cut. I wanted more of a curved cut, so I used my RYOBI 18 Volt JobPlus™ Multi-Tool with a metal cutting blade. It took about 5-10 minutes to cut through the bat, but I was able to get the lines and look that I wanted. You could use a hacksaw and do it by hand but it would take a while. Once you cut off both ends of the bat, you'll be left with a nice metal tube to serve as the lampshade.


4. Sand the Outside / Via

I used a medium grit-sanding pad to give the aluminum a nice shiny exterior. Sand in the same direction to give the metal a nice, brushed look. You could also use a fine grit-sanding pad and then polish the aluminum to a mirror finish.


8. Make a Cork Stopper / Via

I drilled a hole through the wine cork and cut it down so that it fit snuggly in the small end of the bat. In order to get the cork stopper around the cord, I had to cut through one side of the donut shaped cork so that I could stretch it around the cord.