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    5 Home Depot Hacks

    Home Depot may not have Swedish meatballs, but it can be the ultimate store for affordable, durable, modern furniture if you know how to hack it. Ben Uyeda of shares his 5 favorite Home Depot hack recipes along with tips on how to get Home Depot staff to help do some of the work for you.

    1. Wood + Iron Table

    Most tables made from solid wood – like this one from CB2 and this one from Restoration Hardware – can be really expensive.

    Sure you could get a cheap look-alike from Ikea, but do you really want more particle board and laminate junk? Here's a recipe for a rustic-style, solid wood table that looks great and will last a lifetime. All you need tool-wise is a cordless drill.

    HOME DEPOT HACK TIP: You can have the 2x12 board cut at Home Depot for easier transport in your car.

    2. The Bucket Stool

    This is my favorite Home Depot hack. It's cheap, easy and nothing is wasted. The video really captures just how simple this project is.

    3. Plywood Media Console

    Making precise joints is one of the most difficult parts of cabinetry. Stacking and screwing strips of plywood to build up a cabinet is easy and creates a cool, stratified aesthetic. What's even more awesome is that you can tailor this recipe to create different-sized media boxes for organizing random things around the house.

    4. Concrete + Wood Coffee Table

    This is a project that looks expensive despite being rather cheap to make. The trestle base for the table is made from Fir stair balusters and the top is made from Quikrete cast in a laminate mold.

    5. Geometric Doghouse

    The key to this hack is to have the sheet of plywood cut for you by the friendly people at Home Depot. Cut the plywood into 8' long strips that are as wide as your dog is tall. This makes the wood easier to transport and reduces the number of cuts you need to make.

    For detailed instructions and additional DIY projects, check out