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    How's Your TV Tropes Karma?

    We already know it's ruined your life.

    Spending too much time there: -5 karma.

    Or two days, or the rest of your life...

    Having more than 2 tabs open at a time: -1 for each one.

    +1 if you can find a way to only have 1 tab of this drug addiction.

    Being deliberately antisocial so you can read an entire article about your favorite show: -8 karma.

    Recommending the site to a friend: -20 karma.

    Spreading the virus around, are you?

    Using the "edit" feature to bring your own examples to the table: A positive, chance-saving +4.

    Fixing up an underpopulated page: +8(+3 if it causes lack of sleep, due to aforementioned spending too much time.)

    Making a social media list about it for everyone to see: Spooky trope hell is where you'll go.

    Now move along, peoples. You have a clean slate, and you don't want to ruin it.

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