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10 Reasons You’re An Email Addict

Are you addicted to email? Adobe says "yes" if you exhibit these signs.

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10. You've tried an email detox but were unable to fight the urge.

9. You check email on the toilet – might as well be productive.

8. You check your work email after dinner and while in bed.


7. Your emails mirror your text messages, because who's got time for lengthy emails.


6. You admit to checking email while crossing the street or driving at some point (admit it, even if it's at a stoplight you've done it).


5. Someone checks their email in the middle of dinner? No big deal.


4. Your time checking your email on your phone outweighs the number of drinks you've had pool-side.


3. You're worried your boss hates your idea because it's been 30 minutes and he hasn't responded to your email.


2. You might even wake up in the middle of the night just for email updates – can't handle the FOMO!


1. You use your smart phone to check email, because, duh, you can't take your laptop out while walking or hanging out with friends!

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By Ben Tepfer, Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Campaign

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