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Hillary Clinton Gave The Worst Answer To A Classic Job Interview Question

I'm just too perfect.

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File with "I'm sometimes too much of a perfectionist"


@BuzzFeedBen also missed opp to use the "honesty is my weakness" "that doesnt seem like a weakness" "I dont give a fuck what you think" joke

My greatest weakness is my inability to properly rate my weaknesses @benshapiro @EdMorrissey @BuzzFeedBen

@BuzzFeedBen Biggest weakness? I simply care too much and put other's needs before mine. And my doctor cautioned me about that.

“Also, sometimes I care…too much?"

@benshapiro @EdMorrissey @BuzzFeedBen The only correct answer is, "I work too hard"

@BuzzFeedBen "I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Sometimes I care *too* much."

"I get impatient with the idiots who don't bow down before my superior intellect and acknowledge my wisdom."

@BuzzFeedBen Oh, I'm sorry the correct answer was "Talking to humans in an unscripted fashion."

She's not the first great executive, of course, to go with that answer.

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