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    What The 44 Presidents Probably Smelled Like


    1. Moldy Carpet

    2. A Humid Basement

    3. Leather Gloves

    4. Dry Cat Food

    5. Fire Roasted Almonds

    6. Ugh. Soggy Apricots

    7. A Closet Full Of Wool Coats

    8. Rich People Farts

    9. Poor People Farts

    10. Freshly Squeezed Lemonade

    11. Cheap Shoe Polish

    12. Melted Car Keys

    13. An Unshuffled Deck Of Playing Cards

    14. A Drawer Full Of Damp Shoelaces

    15. Something Creepy

    16. Red Play-Doh

    17. Tommy Lee Jones in "The Fugitive"

    18. Atlantic City Poker Table Felt

    19. Cotton From A Tylenol Bottle

    20. Briefcase Full Of Baking Soda

    21. Boiled Newspapers

    22. Green Side Of A Sponge

    23. The Metal Part Of A #2 Pencil After You Pull The Eraser Off

    24. Yellow Side of A Sponge

    25. A Batman Villain

    26. A Cedar Tree Stuffed With Bacon

    27. Catnip

    28. A Rusty Screen Door

    29. Probably Bicycle Tires

    30. Unopened Christmas Presents

    31. Raw Easter Eggs

    32. Wet Harmonica

    33. 2% Milk

    34. Velvet Car Seats?

    35. Marilyn Monroe's Perfume

    36. Broken Popsicle Sticks

    37. Bathtub Filled With Aftershave

    38. Microwaved Socks

    39. The Other Side Of The Couch Cushion

    40. Hand Sanitizer

    41. Moth Balls

    42. Adult Toys

    43. Children's Toys

    44. Whatever You Thought I Should Put Here Is How Racist You Are