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    Everyone Should Be Rooting For The Baltimore Orioles

    Because I said so.

    Before we get started, let's set the mood, shall we?

    You'd be hard-pressed to find fans that are more passionate than the people from the Land of Pleasant Living.

    Jake Slagle / (CC BY-NC http://2.0) / Via Flickr: jakeslagle

    Tom Brady hates the Orioles - ergo - you should love them.

    There's simply no better ballpark to catch a game. Camden Yards is absolutely stunning.

    James G. Howes, 2008. / Via

    The Orioles fans and players have waited a very long time for a season like this.

    adamlm / (CC BY-NC http://2.0) / Via Flickr: amazza

    It's been 18 painful years since the O's were robbed of a World Series berth in 1996.

    And after 1997, the Orioles sunk into an agonizing spiral of terrible baseball. They quickly became the laughingstock of the league with 14 straight seasons under .500.

    AP Photo/Nick Wass

    But now Baltimore is finally back on top. They're the AL East champions in a division with the biggest over-spenders in baseball.

    The O's can handle whatever you throw at them.

    And they did it without much national recognition.

    What's most impressive is that the Orioles have been winning without All-Star third basemen, Manny Machado...

    Out for the season with an injured knee.

    ...and without All-Star catcher Matt Weiters...


    Out for the season with an injured elbow.

    ...and sometimes without All-Star 1st basemen, Chris Davis.

    Ben Rosen / BuzzFeed

    Suspended for 25 games for using adderall.

    Thankfully, they have the best baseball mind in the business to maximize their roster.

    If you're a fan of home runs, look no further than this squad. They led the majors with an incredible 211 dingers!

    Nelson Cruz is a bat-wielding cyborg sent from the Triangulum Galaxy whose primary function is to destroy every baseball on earth. / Via Ben Rosen / BuzzFeed

    The relationship between the city and the players is heartwarming and magical.

    And there's nothing more intimidating than a sea of orange screaming "O!" during the national anthem.

    That kind of stuff really fires up the players.

    In summary, Baltimore is home of the best baseball in the world and you should totally jump on the bandwagon.

    So grab a Natty Boh...

    Head over to Boog's Barbeque

    Lodigs / (CC BY-NC http://2.0) / Via Flickr: lodigs

    And drink in the magic.

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