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    26 "Mr. Bean" Reaction GIFs For Everyday Situations

    God Save the Bean.

    1. When you're feeling a little intimidated.

    2. When you're ready for a sick day.

    3. When you're not feeling photogenic.

    4. When you're feeling tough.

    5. When everybody gets an "A".

    6. When nobody gets an "A".

    7. When you get an outrageous bill.

    8. When you get away with it.

    9. When you're feeling less than motivated.

    10. Whenever, really.

    11. When you haven't had your coffee.

    12. When it's time to eat.

    13. When it's time to stop eating.

    14. When it's bedtime.

    15. When you meet a new friend.

    16. When you meet a new CUTE friend.

    17. When you need a little self-affirmation.

    18. When you get upgraded to first class.

    19. When you're looking for "your color."

    20. When you're running late.

    21. When you need a lifesaver.

    22. When you need some personal space.

    23. When you feel like you're being watched.

    24. When someone just GETS you.

    25. When you're feeling sassy.

    26. And when it's time to make a smooth exit.