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    5 Hollywood "Underdogs" We're Still Rooting For In 2015

    They've had some hurdles but we're still rooting for these crazy gorgeous millionaires who just can't seem to catch the break they want.

    1. Ryan 'Can We Make It Spandex?' Reynolds


    Noted Blake Lively inseminator, Ryan Reynolds has had successful outings in action, romance, drama, horror and even animation.

    But what the poor guy wants above all else is a superhero franchise.

    He. Wants. It. BADLY.

    And while he may still be biting his own fist for not having made a bid for Chris Pratt's Star-Lord in Guardians of The Galaxy, Reynolds will once again be dusting off the tights for the upcoming DEADPOOL movie.

    Godspeed, you handsome Lively-wed bastard.

    2. January 'Emoting Optional' Jones

    Mad Men's Betty Draper was once lauded as one of the most nuanced and layered performances on television. That was until January Jones took a stab at movies and we realized that this dead-eyed demeanor is, well, mostly just her face.

    But Hollywood is built on typecasts and we refuse to believe that there isn't a place at the box-office for a gorgeous-but-frigid older sister/mother/magazine CEO/gold digger.

    3. Seth 'This Is My Moment' McFarlane

    Despite the fact that he has built an animated empire that will, due to the magic of syndication, generate residuals until his grand-children's retirement parties; Seth McFarlane absolutely remains an underdog.

    Why, you ask? Because Seth is a man with a simple, unfulfilled, unrelenting dream: to sing his way into our hearts as America's Next Top Crooner. If FRED ASTAIRE had left a skin suit, Seth McFarlane would be wearing it right now. He is BILLY ELLIOT AND RACHEL BERRY'S bastard child and nothing will stand in his way.

    We predict that his inevitable Christmas album will make Beyoncé's flash release of 2014 look like a mall self-recording booth.

    4. Katherine 'Now Humbled' Heigl


    Not all of us co-signed Miss Heigl's exile from public favor.

    We might stand by the Hathaway petition but the fact is, we still like Katherine Heigl. Back in 2005, with the original iPhone still two full years away, Izzy Stevens was our favorite Grey's Anatomy intern. And that Heigl is rumored to be a bit of a diva does not change the fact that Knocked Up is still arguably Apatow's best and that 27 Dresses is perfectly serviceable for a movie titled "27 Dresses."

    5. Josh 'Average National Height' Hutcherson


    Call it blind support from a fellow member of the the 5'8" brigade but we're Team Peeta all the way. Ridiculous name, tactical uselessness around the Cornucopia, and all.

    Though Hutcherson admittedly cuts a less impressive figure than Liam of House Hemsworth, his performance in The Hunger Games trilogy is an unquestionable highlight for the franchise and we look forward to what he has in store for--




    Our deepest apologies, readers: it appears that Josh is actually 5'7", which puts him at Kevin Connelly level--both in vertical stance and in our hearts.