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21 waste-busting pumpkin recipes for Halloween and beyond

Check out these devilish delights that are guaranteed to make the most of your pumpkins this Halloween and beyond.

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1. Creamy pumpkin pasta

2. Pumpkin risotto

3. Thai pumpkin laksa with crunchy fried chickpeas

4. Vegan ravioli with pumpkin and ricotta

5. Roasted pumpkin and quinoa salad

6. Roasted pumpkin fries

7. Lebanese pumpkin hummus

8. Parmesan pumpkin fritters

9. Pumpkin pasties

10. Pumpkin puree

11. Skinny pumpkin frappucino

12. Pumpkin beer

13. Healthy pumpkin, carrot and apple muffins

14. Pumpkin spice latte cake

15. Pumpkin spice chia pudding

16. Simple pumpkin pie

17. Vanilla pumpkin seed clusters

18. Roasted pumpkin seeds six ways

19. Beetroot pumpkin seed pesto

20. Spiced pumpkin seed cranberry snack bars

21. Let’s not say Hallo-waste this Halloween.

Let’s take advantage of this super versatile, super nutritious squash. If you’re unsure what to do with your pumpkin guts make sure you join the #PumpkinRescue events organised by Hubbub, taking place all over the UK. Also, why not share your surplus pumpkins, pumpkin guts or your culinary pumpkin creations on OLIO!

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