Which President Looks Sexiest In A Swimsuit?

Commander in brief.

1. Ronald Reagan

A definite hit with the ladies!

These guys are trying so hard to compete.

Although Reagan’s swimsuit hotness would be era dependent.

2. Richard Nixon

Swims only at night.

Nixon says: “Look at this plaid number.”

Via (AP Photo)

Obama might be the most photographed topless president ever.

That said, Obama has had plenty of beach training.

4. George H.W. Bush was careful to not get photographed with his shirt off.

Via Cynthia Johnson/Liaison

Still, that didn’t keep him from having fans at the pool.

5. George W. Bush was also careful to not get photographed swimming.

But he has helped us piece together what this would look like:

6. Eisenhower only appeared on the beach in military vehicles.


7. LBJ liked to read memos to his grandkids while swimming.

The Kennedys were naturals on the beach.


Via Bill Beebe / Los Angeles Times Photographic Archive / UCLA

9. FDR sports this nice one-piece.

Stripes are a great look for him.

Truman was very good at keeping his beach bod.

Plus, Truman understood the most important accessory while swimming:

12. Jimmy Carter refuses to swim because of rabbits.

Via AP

13. This is as close as we get to seeing Hoover in the drink.

Disrobing was really his signature move.

…and swimming in front of 1,000 reporters.

15. Teddy Roosevelt would swim only if the animal he was riding at the time wanted to.

So who’s your fave?!


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