Vladimir Putin Does A Priceless Derp Face At A Topless Woman

Derp, de, derp.

1. The Russian President was chilling out in Hanover for an industrial trade fair…

Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters

2. And then he was attacked by a topless protester.

Jochen Luebke/ / AP

The women were thought to be members of the feminist group Femen, who have protested Putin before.

3. “Derp.”

4. “de Derp.”

5. “…”

6. Putin later said: “As for the protest, I liked it… I didn’t make out whether they were blondes, chestnut-haired or brunettes.”

Jochen Luebke/ / AP

7. He followed: “If someone wants to debate political questions, then it’s better to do it clothed rather than getting undressed. You should undress in other places, such as on nudist beaches.”

Jochen Luebke/ / AP

8. And Ryan Lochte says:

9. Oh, to be in European politics!

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