Here Is How Close The Leaders Of Our Senate Got Today

Like, really close.

1. Today, in an unprecedented move, Democratic and Republican leaders of the Senate appeared together before the Judiciary Committee.




Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell made a rare joint appearance to argue about drastic overhaul of campaign finance law.

2. And this is how close we got to bipartisanship…

3. That’s enough space for a giant pizza.

4. Or a giant poster of Corner Guy.

5. That is enough space for Rihanna.

6. Or two life-sized Vladimir Putins.

7. “Please leave three feet for freedom, gentlemen.”

8. Reid called McConnell’s position “bad for America.”

9. And McConnell called Reid’s plan “an affront to America and our Constitution.”

10. After 20 minutes of bashing McConnell and Republicans, Reid called the minority leader his “friend” and asked to leave the hearing.

11. McConnell said, “No problem.”

12. The response led Sen. Dianne Feinstein to laugh like a Muppet.


14. Reid, on his way out, love tapped GOP Sens. Jeff Flake and Ted Cruz.

15. And McConnell was left all alone.

16. And that is how close we got to bipartisanship today.


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