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The Romney Campaign Is Still Going Strong In Africa

Philanthropist brings campaign T-shirts to Kenya.

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She is the founder of the The Orbit Village Project in Kenya, which houses hundreds of orphans, children from broken homes, and those whose parents have AIDS and are unable to provide care.

"It was a big deal that they could pick between short or long sleeved and blue and white. For an African youth from such an impoverished area to pick out something new is very rare."

She explains that the shirts have a special meaning to the students. "Kenyan students love to talk about politics and very much admire the way Americans handle elections."

"Students are very well aware of who Romney and Ryan are, and many of them had watched each of the debates as they were aired internationally on CNN here."

"President Obama was not on the best of terms with many Kenyans for choosing to visit Tanzania instead of Kenya in his recent visit to Africa, and that made many of the kids even more excited to receive the shirts."

H/T Caroline May of the Daily Caller.

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