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The Sochi Mascot Known As "Nightmare Bear" Will Haunt Your Life

Forget everything else, this is clearly the worst part of Sochi so far.

The Sochi mascots look great in the Russian Olympic promo materials.

But their real-life actualizations are terrifying.

Especially the "polar bear" one.

People have dubbed the atrocity "Nightmare Bear."

Sochi Mascot, Nightmare Bear, will haunt your dreams.

But Nightmare Bear's reveal at the opening ceremonies melted retinas.

Viewers recoiled in terror.

Jurij (10) sees #Sochi #Olympics2014 mascot for the first time

And the internet went to work on Nightmare Bear.


@JonathanHaynes you are correct, the official mascot of the Sochi Olympics is doge.

The olympic mascot reminds me of something #sochi

ok dave MT @daudig: A Sochi mascot named Teddy Ruxputin

Did the #SochiMascot at the #OpeningCeremony look a lot like a super high Pedobear?

Seriously, no one remembers the inspiration for the Olympics mascot bear?

Some saw irony.

#Russia passes #anti-gay legislation, has giant BEAR as a #Sochi mascot. Makes sense!

And everyone wondered collectively why Russia didn't just dig up the happy Olympic bear from the 1980s...

Good luck sleeping tonight.