The Cluster That Happens When You Give Away Free KFC On Capitol Hill

Original recipe for disaster.

1. The date is Tuesday, June 10, 2014 and this smell is wafting through the halls of Congress…


Many food chains hod receptions regularly where free food is given out to starving staffers.

3. And when the starving staffers smelled KFC, guess what happened?


4. A freaking line that stretched through the Rayburn office building…

5. …past a bunch of tables…

Via Benny

6. …along the corridor…

7. …. and around the corner.

8. If you are unfamiliar with the massive size of House buildings, here is a scale:

10. At the end of the line, there are KFC doorkeepers in bow ties, clicking people in…

11. …and guess what awaits these lucky staffers on the other side of that door?


13. And all the hill staffers were like:

14. Also, a bathtub of KFC gravy.


16. ****SOUND OF TRUMPET****

17. ****luckiest girl in the world***


18. And plenty of butter and honey to pile on top of everything:

19. And, of course, something to wash it down.

20. Along with some KFC facts…


… like they served 80 million buckets this year, 20 million of those were on the Hill.

21. Some members of Congress go around shaking hands…

22. But others, like Congressman YOLO, drink beer and eat fried chicken with their staffers…

Mike Quigley (D-IL)

23. …before running off to vote with greasy fingers.

And a fried chicken coma.

24. And for one brief moment in Washington D.C., we could all agree on something:


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