The 31 Most American Americans In D.C. Today

    Land of the fashionable.

    An enormous crowd of soccer fans gathered in Dupont Circle today to watch the World Cup.

    And while most of D.C.'s patriotic elite stayed (fashionably) in the AC for the game...

    ...these guys sweated it out in 90 degrees.

    Here are the most patriotic among them:

    1. Patriot dad.

    2. Patriot mom.

    3. The REAL Uncle Sam.


    4. #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple

    5. The sneakers.

    6. Guuuuurl.

    7. Flag master.

    8. "Back to back World War Champs"

    9. The J. Crew.

    10. American Gangster.

    11. This patriotic hipster.

    12. American dream.

    13. Hott Fuzz.

    14. Picasso.

    15. The traitor.

    Traitor #2.

    16. America cape.

    17. Patriotic hipster #2.

    18. Nonchalance bro.

    19. American Harry Potter family.

    20. Face of a Nation.

    With his "USA" painted legs.

    21. Bro America.

    22. Captain America and sidekick.

    23. The nurse who braved the heat on her lunch break.

    24. The man and his Fireball.

    25. The guy who already drank his flask of Fireball.

    26. Wonder Woman.

    27. Your college roommate.

    28. The Bros, Patriot.

    29. Patriotic dad and son!

    30. This beautiful family.

    31. The American who, like all of us, is in it to win it.