St. John’s Croquet Is Like Taking A Time Machine Back To "The Great Gatsby"

Very fancy.

1. Once a year, the sleepy Maryland state capital of Annapolis becomes the center of the dignified sports universe…


2. …when the town hosts the best croquet tournament on the planet.


3. The match pits two great Annapolis educational institutions against each other: St. John’s College vs. The Naval Academy.

The rivalry has been going on for 30 years.

4. Every year, the team from St. John’s dresses up but the Navy team must wear their traditional uniforms.


This year, St. John’s team dressed as Greek philosophers.

5. The play is dignified and beautiful.

Sarah Culver / Via

6. But the croquet is only a fraction of what makes this event so special.

7. The spectators, arguably, are the most entertaining part of the entire event.

Andrew McIntire

8. Everyone sets up fancy picnics around the playing field…


9. And dresses up like they’re in The Great Gatsby.

Andrew McIntire

11. The event is essentially one gigantic 1920s picnic.


12. omg.

Andrew McIntire



17. Killin it.


18. Just your typical croquet couple.

19. Just your average lurkers.


20. Yes. Yes. Approve.


21. Cute children abound.


22. *kisses*

Andrew McIntire

23. There is also a great deal of pipe smoking.


26. The bro level is quite high as well.

Benny Johnson


But at least they are dapper in their top hats and capris.

27. There are also some non-traditional outfits.




29. The contrast between military and elegance is wonderful.


30. And once all the eating and drinking is done, the Navy brass band sets up…


31. …and everyone just dances their faces off.


Especially this guy.

If you were ever wondering where all the white people are they are here at this croquet tournament don't worry #sjcroquet

— Mariah Minigan (@mariahminigan)

35. It is also perfectly acceptable for the players to drink.


36. And congratulations Navy on winning this year!

Congratulations to US #Navy for taking home the #AnnapolisCup for the second year in a row. Well played! #sjcroquet

— DAC (@DACrosse)
Andrew McIntire

38. Big thanks to the beautiful photography of Sarah Culver.

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