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    31 Amazing Sports Fans You Want At Every Game


    1. The fan who does this:

    2. The fan who wants to hug the players.

    3. The creative distractor.


    4. The "respect my authority" fan.

    5. The fan who gives the athletes a piggyback ride.

    6. The fan who will sing the national anthem anywhere.

    7. These hilarious jackasses.

    8. The fan who tweaks in the stands.

    9. The highly inappropriate-on-national-television fan.

    10. The doppelganger.

    11. The slightly too drunk fan.

    12. The "deal with it" bros.

    13. The fan with the great sign.

    14. The sobber.

    15. The former athlete eating his nemesis.

    16. The fan who makes her own fun.

    17. The curious fan.

    18. The fan who does the sprinkler for everyone.

    19. The honest fan.

    20. The very honest fans.

    21. The helpful fan.

    22. The committed-at-birth fan.

    23. The psycho.

    24. The nudist.

    25. The way too intense fan.

    26. The trusted soldier.

    27. The "I will let this ruin our relationship" fan.


    28. The opportunist fan.

    29. The "I'm proud of my body" fan.

    30. The fans who do whatever the hell this is.