Someone Threw A Giant Bag Of Cash Off A Balcony In The Senate

Apparently it was an act of protest.

1. This was the scene in the Hart Senate building lobby Thursday when a bag of cash was flung from an upper balcony.

2. Capitol Police surrounded the cash and have since taken it into evidence. Three protesters were also taken away by police.

3. According to an eyewitness who watched the event: “The money was real, mostly ones. I went up and handled some before handing it back to the cop.”

When asked exactly how much they thought was there, the witness told BuzzFeed, “there was approximately $500 there.”

4. The Capitol Police have since released this statement:

“At about 1:00 pm today, the USCP arrested 3 demonstrators in the atrium of the Hart Senate Office Building. They were charged with “Crowding, Obstructing & Incommoding” under DC Code 22-1307.”

5. According to another eyewitness, one of the protesters was “doing a snow angel in the cash.”

6. UPDATE: The demonstrators have been identified as apart of the Organic Consumers Association and were posing as lobbyists on the Hill.

According to a spokesperson, the demonstrators threw the money to demonstrate how much money lobbyists, specifically biotechnology and food industry lobbyists, throw around on Capitol Hill.

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