Senator Hilariously Re-Creates Senate Hearing For Campaign Ad

Everyone in Louisiana is watching closed-circuit TV Senate hearings and MSNBC!

Facing a tough reelection bid, Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu released a new ad today showcasing her strong support for offshore drilling and Louisiana’s energy production.

But some things in the ad just did not seem quite right.

1. As the Weekly Standard pointed out, Landrieu reenacted a Senate hearing that actually happened for the commercial.

2. Senate rules prohibit the use of Senate video in campaign ads, which is why the Landrieu campaign was compelled to remake the hearing.

The remake goes hilariously out of its way to recreate the hearing.

They created a TV news chyron and had actors play bored staffers behind the senator.

3. They also missed a few things about real Senate hearings:

Landrieu got to change her jacket for the remake, too.


She also got to correct a verbal flub that she made in her real life remarks and did not wear a brooch.

Anyway, these guys apparently love watching Senate hearings.

As does this guy while he drinks Gatorade, dramatically.

4. Everyone else in Louisiana watches Landrieu on MSNBC.


Including these guys:


But at least the Landrieu campaign got to get some great b-roll!

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