Insane Russian Sports That Should Be In The Olympics

Hey, IOC, get your shit together.

1. Competitive Urban Tank Driving

“Nailed it.”

2. Urban Gymnastics

Urban Gymnastics: The High Bar

Think camera angles like this:

“The Russians take another gold, Bob!”

3. Iceberg Standing

4. 3… 2… 1… GRENADE DROP!

5. Russian Freeway Survival

Winter Olympics Edition!

“This one’s gonna be competitive.”


6. Competitive Traffic Blocking


Animals can compete too!


7. The Fire Cannon Vault

Master class.

8. Trapped in Somewhere-athalon

9. Tower Jump with Homemade Parachute

…no real winners in this one.

10. Extreme Push-Ups

11. Competitive Drunk Dancing


12. Soviet Bungee Jumping

“The winner gets to walk again, Bob!”

Moral of the story: Russia, please host another Olympics.


And if any journalists complain about their hotel…

We can deal with that.

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