Retro Joe Biden Is Clearly The Best Joe Biden

Those sideburns will be VP someday.

1. This is the Biden you all know:

2. But do you remember a RETRO Joe Biden who ROCKED these sideburns?

3. The Biden who was a bit nervous at a press conference?

4. A Biden who HAD to wear a suit to cut the cake?

5. The Biden who made this baby dress exactly like him?

6. And if you doubt his opinions on Egypt, remember he has been meeting their heads of state for 30 years.

Biden and Anwar Sadat in 1979.

7. The Biden who wore this kick-ass tie!

8. That Biden who gave Jimmy Carter the advice not to wear sweater vests in the Oval Office.

9. That Biden who tried out for The Godfather?

Via AP

10. That Biden with matching duffers cap and jacket SWAG.

11. That Biden who was best friends with George W. Bush’s dad.

12. The Biden in the full plaid suit.


Via Getty

14. The Biden who wore this ascot/turtleneck?

15. Do you know the Biden who campaigned with his kids in 1920s vaudeville Biden hats?

16. The Biden who had HIS OWN TRAIN.

17. Biden was not scared of being bald and beautiful.

18. The kids didn’t care about that back then!

Via Susana Gonzalez / Getty Images

20. Well now you know Retro Joe Biden = Best Joe Biden.

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