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    Rapper Mac Miller Makes The Craziest Vines Of All Time

    Donald Trump

    27. Mac Miller joined Vine three months ago while he was at the doctor's office.

    26. Since then it has been pure joy to watch the 21-year-old Pittsburgh rapper.

    25. He plays some haunting music.

    24. He drinks V8 and a handle of Jameson.

    23. He argues with statues about his music.

    22. He trolls Carly Rae Jepsen fans.

    21. He steals his doctor's petroleum jelly.

    20. He tricks his friends into thinking he's taking their photos.

    19. Some of his friends hate white people too, apparently.

    18. He went crazy about Charles Barkley kissing a guy.

    17. He invented "airport dodging."

    16. He smokes indoors like an OG.

    He really likes smoking indoors.

    15. He takes a Vine selfie.

    14. He likes to smoke weed.

    Like, a lot.

    13. He proves he is an amazing lifeguard.

    12. He makes one-handed shots sitting down.

    11. He shows off his Jesus bling while sipping Starbucks.

    10. He does not like Fox News.

    9. He loves water fountains.

    8. He dances in front of Ellen's sign.

    7. He thinks the post office is boring.

    6. He makes Vines with his fans.

    5. He drinks and shows off his tattoos.

    4. He is really generous with his friends.

    3. He talks to olives with British accents.

    2. He chases after pigeons in London.

    1. And appreciates the beauty of Paris.

    Mac Miller:

    Janette Pellegrini / Getty Images