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Politicians Are Trolling Each Other With Cakes Now

Happy birthday, Mister... Senator.

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It is Begich's birthday on Sunday and the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee decided to send him a cake.

The cake said: "Happy Birthday to the Senator who votes with Obama 97% of the time."

When BuzzFeed asked the Begich office what happened to the cake their sarcastic response was: "Slow news day?"

Begich' press secretary Rachel Barinbaum told BuzzFeed in an email that "the cake delivery was definitely the least eventful part of our day," but she would not tell us what happened to the cake because she did not want to make it into a story for the NRSC. "[I] just don’t think it’s a story – and in the midst of everything [going on I'm] not sure I felt like turning it into one for them."

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