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    7 Miracle Babies To Warm Your Heart Today

    I will survive.

    Editors' Note:

    This post has been corrected to remove phrasing that was copied from the site Baby Said What, from which the structure of the list was also copied.

    BuzzFeed takes its responsibility to readers very seriously, and plagiarism is a major breach of that responsibility. Please read our apology to readers here.

    1. Odds against her

    Adorable miracle Kenley

    2. The "Wee Miracle"

    3. One of the smallest babies ever born.

    Baby Kenna shortly after being born.

    Baby Kenna and her loving father.

    Baby Kenna after being moved from the incubator.

    Baby Kenna loves you!

    4. A big heart.

    Audrina's heart at birth.

    Audrina loves you!

    One happy mommy leaving the hospital.

    5. This Romanian miracle is shipping up to Boston.

    Baby Andrei loves you.

    6. Saved by a mother's snuggle.

    Baby Adam Cheshire clung to his mother for life.

    Baby Adam is a bouncing, beautiful baby today!

    He says "cheerio."

    7. A handshake before you were born.

    And here is happy baby Nevaeh today.