John Boehner’s Facebook Wall Is Not A Happy Place Right Now

Lots of talk of balls and RINOs.

1. On Wednesday night John Boehner posted this message on his Facebook page. The response was immense.

2. The comments on the post were quite varied.

Via Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

3. Many commenters were very sad.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

4. And many commenters took their anger out on the speaker.

Via Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

5. Some asked about Boehner’s balls.

Via Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

6. Some accused Boehner of being Obama’s “bitch.”

7. Some called Boehner a pussy.

Via Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

8. Some wanted to switch parties.

9. Some were more profane than others.

Via Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

10. Many called Boehner a RINO.

“Republican In Name Only.”

11. Some commenters demanded Boehner’s resignation.

Stephen Crowley/The New York Times

12. Some used less-than-politically correct vernacular.

13. Some were sure American is now a “communist nation.”

Via Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

14. Some called for congressional beatings.

Via Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

15. Some commenters were less clear with their concerns.

Via AP

16. And the internet just trolled the way the internet trolls.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

17. But some were supportive of the speaker.

Via Jason Reed / Reuters

18. And some spoke for an exhausted American people.

Via Tom Williams/ Roll Call

19. And John Boehner says:

Via Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

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