Important Reporting From The Back Of An Ice Cream Truck

As nation sizzles, ice cream trucks available on demand.

1. Nationwide temperatures were set to BOIL on Friday:

2. And one car company decided to do something about that.

3. Uber car service offered on-demand ice cream trucks in all of its major metropolitan areas on Friday.

4. You call one up on your app, pay a minimum fee…

5. …and a fully stocked ice cream palace drives to your office.

6. And you will get some free Uber SWAG while you’re at it.

7. As the Uber Ice Cream truck pulls up to the BuzzFeed offices in D.C., it gets swarmed.

8. Our first stop to hand out cold treats was the U.S. Capitol, but police LOST THEIR DAMN MINDS when the ice cream truck neared the Capitol grounds…

9. SO the truck had to park some three blocks away. Many Hill offices still sent their interns to collect their ice cream and run it back to them.


11. The truck stopped at the RNC.

12. And got mobbed.

14. The RNC comms team also forced one of their members into a very small tank top.

15. The end result.

17. The truck received calls from NASA.

19. Overly enthusiastic think-tank people.

21. Ugly defense department buildings.

23. Faceless bureaucratic agencies.

25. Law firms.

27. Children.

29. Synagogues.

31. The U.S. Postal Service.

33. And software companies.

34. And seemingly EVERY other office in D.C. all at once. The app never stopped dinging.

35. These poor souls at LivingSocial called over 45 (!) times.

36. But they eventually got their ice cream cookies.

38. Downsides to this? The truck was 100 degrees…

39. Some rude customers did not grasp the concept that it is rather difficult to maneuver an ice cream truck through rush-hour D.C. traffic.

40. And the White House never called.

41. But at least there was PLENTY OF ICE CREAM for EVERYBODY.

Who was lucky enough to get one.

42. And D.C. says:

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