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I Went To A Legal Cockfight In The United States, And It Was Very NSFW

A celebrated, brutal tradition in Puerto Rico.

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16. The matches get louder and bloodier until eventually a judge declares one bird the winner.

Via Benny Johnson/ BuzzFeed

According to The Associated Press, "A winner is declared if one of the animals dies, runs away or falls and fails to get up within one minute."

A little girl had her first birthday celebration in the middle of the ring.

Via Benny Johnson/ BuzzFeed

The girl was the daughter of one of the owners, and the entire audience was given cupcakes as a mariachi band played "Happy Birthday" to her.

In 2010, the government of Puerto Rico passed a resolution to protect cockfights as an integral part of the island's culture.

Via Benny Johnson/ BuzzFeed

The sport also generates millions in revenue per year. So despite the cruelty, it may be around for awhile.

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