How Well Do You Know Basic U.S. Military History?

“I shall return.”

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  1. 1. How many years did the Revolutionary War last?
  2. 2. December 26th 1776: Washington crossed the Delaware on his way to _______ .
    1. defeat the Lord Cornwallis in Princeton.
    2. re-take New York City harbor from General Howe.
    3. capture Germans in Trenton.
    4. cut off the British Naval advance on Wilmington.
    5. surprise entrenched British and Cherokee forces in Camden.
  3. 3. In the middle of the war, the British tried to make peace with America by granting them all of their original demands.
  4. 4. What U.S. government building in Washington D.C. did not get destroyed during the War of 1812?
    1. U.S. Capitol
    2. White House
    1. U.S. Patent office
    2. The Naval Yard.
  5. 5. The "Star Spangled Banner" was written during the British bombardment of...
  6. 6. How many assaults did the Alamo withstand before falling to Santa Anna?
  7. 7. These are the dying words of a U.S. naval captain in the ...
    1. Revolutionary War
    2. War of 1812
    3. Mexican American War
    4. Civil War
    5. Spanish American War
  8. 8. How far into Mexico did the U.S. Army advance during the Mexican-American War?
    1. The Rio Grande River
    2. Monterey
    3. Mexico City
    4. La Paz
    5. Molino del Rey
  9. 9. Which present day state gained the least amount of territory as a result of the Mexican-American War?
    1. Oklahoma
    2. Kansas
    3. Colorado
    4. Wyoming
  10. 10. The last horse-mounted American cavalry charge was during which war?
  11. 11. Pickett's Charge is called the "high water mark of the Confederacy" because ________ .
    1. It is the farthest north the Confederate Army ever advanced.
    2. It marked a decisive victory for the Confederacy.
    3. It was the last major offensive operation in North.
    4. It was when Lincoln considered a Union surrender.
  12. 12. Who won the famous Battle of the Ironclads?
    1. The Merrimack
    2. The Mointor
    1. It was a draw with both ships retreating.
    2. They both sank.
  13. 13. What was General Sherman's "Christmas Gift" to Lincoln?
  14. 14. Germany try to forge an alliance with _______ in a secret telegram that eventually led to the U.S. entering WWI.
    1. Italy
    2. Belgium
    3. Canada
    1. Japan
    2. Mexico
    3. Russia
  15. 15. Which of the following beaches was the American Army tasked with taking on D-Day.
  16. 16. General MacArthur famously declared "I shall return." He was talking about the _________ .
    1. The Phillipines
    2. Japan
    1. Indonesia
    2. Guam
  17. 17. A medic in the U.S. _______ helped five Marines raise the flag at Iwo Jima.
    1. Navy
    2. Air Force
    1. Army
    2. Coast Guard
  18. 18. The Korean War marked the the first widespread use of U.S. ______ in wartime.
    1. Mass amphibious troop transport
    2. Sonar
    3. Aircraft carriers
    4. Jet fighters
    5. Television
  19. 19. The Gulf of Tonkin resolution gave President Johnson ______ .
    1. Authorization for full military engagement in Southeast Asia without a formal declaration of war by Congress.
    2. Budget to build up U.S. naval presence in the Pacific.
    3. A peace agreement with China.
    4. Power to fight communism “in all allied and UN territories.”
  20. 20. How long did it take for a ceasefire to be signed after the ground campaign started in Operation Desert Storm?
    1. 10 hours
    2. 100 hours
    3. 10 days
    4. 90 days
    5. 100 days
  21. 21. How many Presidents have served active military duty?

4. And now you know.

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