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    22 Ways To Tell If You Are Getting Too Drunk

    Go HOME.

    Everyone loves a good drink!

    But how do you know if you've drank too much?

    22. It will all begin when you start feeling very happy and warm inside.

    21. You start getting very vocal with your opinions.

    20. You start attempting things you may not be physically capable of.

    Indoors or outdoors.

    19. You will most likely start getting dramatic.


    And emotionally.

    And loud.

    18. There is a good chance that simple tasks will become very difficult.

    17. The urge to get up in front of everybody and make a scene will grow inside you.

    16. You will want to dance everywhere you go.

    And your general philosophy toward dancing will be:

    And you will probably start dancing in some inappropriate places.

    15. If your friend tries to leave the bar you say:

    But sitting down yourself will also get harder.

    14. If you use the bathroom you will probably forget bathroom etiquette.

    13. You may start doing things that annoy everyone around you:

    12. When your friends tell you that you are getting too drunk, you will most likely deny it:

    "GUYZ I GOT THIS" you will say.

    11. You will most likely need to eat, and the food will not be good for you.

    10. You will start to lose your coordination.

    So be careful!

    9. Walking places will become more difficult.

    And society will feel like it's conspiring against you!

    8. You might try to operate machinery you are not qualified to use at the moment.

    This will almost always turn out bad for you.

    7. You may start hitting on people who may be out of your league.

    6. You may also start getting sexually inappropriate.

    Or making romantic decisions you wouldn't otherwise.

    You may even start getting romantic in the wrong places!

    5. At the end of the night meeting someone new will be like:

    4. You may even lose your balance!

    3. Last call will cause minor panic:

    2. And bar close will be a very sad time for you:

    And you might beg the bartender for another:

    1. You will most likely do some dumb things that you will regret in the morning.

    If you are getting too drunk, this will most likely be you tomorrow:

    If you are this drunk, you need to:

    And go home:

    And when you leave, we will all go:

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