How Bad Will The Weiner Puns Get This Time?

“Weiner slap.”

1. Remember in 2011 when news publications could not help but lead with pun-rich Weinergate headlines?

2. The Post had a field day.

3. As did the Daily News.

5. AM New York fired up Photoshop.

6. Too much.

7. John Stewart, naturally.

8. Limbaugh jumped in.

9. There we go, HuffPo.

10. Even CNN could not help themselves.

11. Too easy.

13. Naturally.

14. The puns even went international! Bild from Germany wrote: “The Sex-Sausage Resigns.”

15. Pravda, a Russian publication, chose the headline “No Weiner, But Christie Helicopter Mayhem”

16. Now that Anthony Weiner is back into politics, will publications continue with Weiner headline bait?

Mario Tama / Getty Images

17. The Drudge Report says: YES.

18. Absolutely.

19. New York Post says: YES.

20. Daily News says: YES.

21. So here we go again!

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