27 Everyday Things That Are AMAZING In Zero Gravity

Get ready to have your mind blown!

Everyone dreamed of being an astronaut as a kid!

27. But are you ready for your mixed nuts to be this AMAZING!!

26. Did you know magic carpets WORK in space?

25. But the worm does not?

24. Staying hydrated is easier in space.

23. So is eating a banana!

22. Drinking coffee is tricky but effective in space.

21. Rolling your tortilla has never been easier.

20. Washing your hands is just soooo much more badass.

Rub like a boss:

19. Hiding Easter eggs is more difficult in space.

18. Volcanos rule from space.

No, seriously.

17. Your reflection has never looked better.

16. Adjusting your watch has never been easier.

15. Or dissolving Alka-Seltzer in water like this?

14. Cats LOVE space!

But frogs freak out in space.

13. Your wedding will sweep you off your feet in space.


12. Playing the flute is suddenly kick-ass in space!

11. Pajamas are more fashionable in space.

10. The bubble in the honey is in the MIDDLE of the bottle instead of the TOP! No gravity!

9. Rocking with your band is more epic in space!

8. Superheroes make more sense in zero-g.

Courtesy of NASA

Like being Spider-Man!

7. Your hair is the BEST without gravity to mess it up.

And washing your hair is massive.

6. Haircuts are a bit more awkward in space. But awesome nonetheless.

5. Exercising is the best in space!

4. Cooking your spinach is so easy in space!

3. Popping water balloons is mind-blowing in space.

2. Your commute to work is the BEST in space!

1. So thanks to all you brave astronauts who live in space and show us how amazing it is!

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