Dancing With The Political Stars

“Oh, they would be good together!”

1. Jan Brewer and Joe Biden.



ABC, York / AP, Peres / AP

2. Michelle Bachmann and Barney Frank.



ABC, Walsh / AP, Kempin / NBC

3. Eric Holder and Darrell Issa.



ABC, Loeb/AFP / Getty, Ceneta / AP

4. Chris Christie and Michelle Obama.



ABC, Samad/AFP / Getty, Stone / Reuters

5. Lindsey Graham and John McCain.



ABC, Cavanaugh / Getty, Wong / AP

6. John Boehner and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


“The chemistry!”

ABC, Franklin / AP, Wilson / Getty

7. Henry Waxman and Jackie Walorski.



ABC (DWTS), Indiana Republican Party / AP (Walorski), Wong / AP (Waxman),

8. Steve King and Nancy Pelosi.


“Such passion!”

ABC, Wilson / Getty, Ceneta / AP

9. Aaron Schock and Tulsi Gabbard.


“Fresh and vibrant!”

ABC, Dharapak / AP, Robinson / Getty

10. Bashar al-Assad and John Kerry.



ABC, Cunningham / Getty (Kerry), REUTERS/SANA/Handout (Al-Assad)

11. Rush Limbaugh and Saundra Fluke.



ABC, Smith / AP, Monsivais / AP

12. Barack Obama and Sarah Palin.



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