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NSFW: Cory Booker's Interesting Tweets With A Portland Stripper

"The East Coast loves you and by the East Coast I mean me." Not safe for work, unless you work at Newark City Hall.

Meet Lynsie Lee.

She works at Casa Diablo, the world's first vegan strip club!

It is located in Portland, Oregon.

She makes a lot of cash...

...and has her dog guard it.

This is her Twitter page. She is followed by Newark Mayor Cory Booker.

They became friends because they were both in the same film about Twitter:

Along with BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith!

She has some explicit tweets.

I need a slave, not a relationship.

Lynsie Lee


I need a slave, not a relationship.

/ Via

And posts some rather NSFW photos.

She sometimes tweets at the New Jersey senatorial candidate.

And he tweets back.

One day, Booker tweeted about being president of a Star Trek club.

And Lynsie said she wanted to be his first lady.

Then this gurl named Calla started to step. She threw down that her and Booker "DM on the reg."

So Lynsie responded with a Booker DM screenshot of her own:

Lynsie tells BuzzFeed that Booker was just "flattering" her.

Maybe it is a match made in heaven? They both like to work out!

They both have passionate views on guns.

They both love animals.

And they both love 'MURIKA!

But no matter where this promising relationship goes, you still made a professional stripper blush.

So add one more superhuman act to the list...

UPDATE: Booker campaign spokesperson Kevin Griffis tells BuzzFeed:

"I think it's pretty well known that the mayor talks with people from all walks of life on Twitter. There have been a couple of stories about that over the years. Really, the most shocking part of this story was learning there is a vegan strip club in Portland."