Congresswoman Wears The Most Amazing Hats In The World

Frederica Wilson, hat genius.

Meet Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, (D-Fla.)

She wears a big, colorful, glorious hat to every congressional thing she does.

33. Like a blue bedazzled one with a STAR!

32. Or this brilliant yellow one for a speech!

31. Or this one with the amazing flower on it!

30. Or this pink one with bling on the sides that matches her gigantic flower.

28. A classy blue and white Mediterranean number.

26. How about one with a gigantic metal plate in the front!

23. Heres the green one she wore with the President.

22. Ooh a big ‘ole sun hat with a bow!

21. This is what she looks like if she is grilling you at a congressional hearing.

20. Giant red hat in the Capitol’s Statuary Hall.


18. Brown hat with a sparkly band around it.

17. A black one with glittery turquoise around it and Janet Napolitano says that is NOT TSA approved.

14. PINK HAT with a photo of her wearing a BLACK HAT.

13. The coordination here is just … breathtaking.

7. Aqua blue and white from head to toe.

4. Getting sworn into office with a full family coordinated red and black.

1. These guys joined her in wearing hats!

And here is the only one we could find of her not wearing a hat at the State of the Union because it is not allowed.

Frederica Wilson, the greatest hat wearer in Congress.

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