Breaking Down The Greatest Derp Photo On The Internet

A rich mosaic of people being scared by a foul ball.

One of the greatest photos on the internet is this foul ball hitting the stands during a Red Sox vs. Mariners game last fall.

Reddit user Narhen originally submitted it.

Here is a breakdown of why it is so great.

1. Middle-aged, scared bros.

2. The steely, bearded mountain man who has seen much worse.

3. “Everything that is important to me is in my right hand” girl.

4. Open-mouth girl and nonchalance bro.

5. This girl’s athletic deflection.

6. The mom who is at peace with death.

7. Angry derp man.

9. The two sorority girls who have parted so the ball can presumably hit Thor directly in the stomach.

10. The Seattle superfan who watches over the event in horror.

11. And Duckface reaction guy.

Duckface wins!

Created by Reddit user Fictivelife.

Never forget.

Dorsey Shaw

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