Congressman Takes Off Shirt, Flies Through The Air And Into Your Heart


1. Aaron Schock has been busy on a YOLO tour lately.

2. He has been in da choppa.

3. On The Wall.

4. And with the Dick.

5. But nothing can prepare you for what he is about to do next…

6. Schock put on a helmet and did a “sup bro…”

7. He then ascended the stairway…

8. … and did this.

9. *sound of trumpet*


12. Having a much better time zip-lining than Kanye.


13. But we’re not done, not by a long shot…

14. … he surfs…

15. … and flies into the air.

16. What normal congressmen are doing right now:


17. What Aaron Schock is doing right now:

18. *Inspirational*

19. Bravo, Mr. Schock. Bravo.


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